Terms of Service Last updated: February 04, 2020: 

Please review these Terms of Service  carefully. These Terms of Service govern your access to and use of all Vumicentral’s (“Vumicentral,” “us,” “we,” or “our”) services as described below (the “Vumicentral Service”), including our mobile and other applications (the “Apps”) and our website, www.Vumicentral.com (the “Website”). 

You affirm that you are legally capable of entering into a binding agreement (and that you are at least the age of legal majority in your jurisdiction, or, if you are not, that you have obtained parental or guardian consent to enter into these Terms of Service). If you violate or do not agree to these terms, then your access to and use of the Vumicentral Service is unauthorized. 

Changes to Terms of Service: 

Vumicentral may change these Terms of Service from time to time by notifying you of the changes by any reasonable means, including by posting a revised Terms of Service through the Website or Apps. 

The most current version of the Terms of Service will supersede all previous versions, except that any changes will not apply to any dispute between you and us arising before we posted the revised Terms of Service, or otherwise notified you of the changes. 

You should periodically visit the Terms of Service page on the Website so you are aware of the terms and conditions that apply to your use of the VumicentralService, luding the Website and Apps. The “Last updated” legend above indicates when these Terms of Service were last changed. Your continued use of the Vumicentral service will constitute your acceptance of the most current Terms of Service. 

Description of Vumicentral Service: 

The Vumicentral Service is provided by Africa Digital Media Studios. The Vumicentral service is an Internet-based home entertainment service that provides access to a library of Movies, Video Games, Television Shows, Music, Digital Books and/or other episodic content (“content”) through your computer or mobile device, your Internet-capable television and/or a proprietary device manufactured by Vumicentral or a third party who is licensed to operate the Vumicentral Service into its device(s) (collectively, the “Vumicentral Devices”). Please direct all questions regarding the Vumicentral service to support@vumicentral.com. 

Africa Digital Media Studios – ADMS reserves the right to change how it operates the Vumicentral service. You should not consider any description of how the Vumicentral service works to be a representation or obligation with respect to how the Vumicentral service will work in the future. 

Activating the Vumicentral Service: 

To access and use the VumicentralService, you must open an account online (“Vumicentral Account”). During online setup of your Vumicentral account, these Terms of Service will be provided electronically. You can access a printable/downloadable version of these Terms of Service by visiting https://www.vumicentral.com/termsofservice.html 

Vumicentral service Minimum Requirements: 

YOU MUST HAVE HIGH-SPEED INTERNET CONNECTIVITY, A VUMICENTRAL ACCOUNT AND A DEVICE COMPATIBLE WITH THE SERVICE TO USE THE VUMICENTRAL SERVICE. You will be responsible for all costs associated with procuring and maintaining the Internet connectivity and device(s) necessary to access and use the service, including but not limited to any internet connectivity, data transmission or airtime fees charged by internet service providers or mobile phone carriers while accessing the service or the content.  Vumicentral service is available globally, and content can be accessed from anywhere over the internet, However some content might have geo blocking policies attached to them due to licensing agreements with vendors and you will not be able to buy or rent this content if you belong in a territory we have not been licenced to. 

How to access the content:

Currently, you can either “rent” or “buy” content through the Vumicentral service. When you order content for rental, you will be granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable limited license to access, use in accordance with any additional terms that may be provided with your Vumicentral compatible device, and view the content within the applicable exhibition period. When you purchase content, you will be granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable limited license to access, use in accordance with any additional terms that may be provided with your Vumicentral compatible device, and view the content as often as you like subject to the applicable restrictions described below. 

Vumicentral Credits/Promotional Codes: 

From time to time, you may be offered Vumicentral credits or promotional codes which allow you to rent or purchase Vumicentral content. Such credits or promotional codes are intended for your use only and are not to be transferred or sold by you. Vumicentral reserves the right to restrict access to content redeemable with Vumicentral credits or promotional codes in the event of a violation of these Terms of Service. Free Trial: If you are a first-time user of the VumicentralService, you may be eligible for free Vumicentral movie credits to use to experience the VumicentralService. The credits will be valid for use for up to one month, or as otherwise specified when you sign up for your Vumicentral account. To view any specific details about your Vumicentral movie credits, visit the Website and click on the “Your Account.” Free credits provided to first time users may not be combined with any other offers. If you or another member of your household has opened a Vumicentral account within the last 12 months, you may not be eligible to receive free credits. 

Exhibition Period:

 Exhibition periods for content will vary depending on the method of purchase or rental and the content being purchased or rented. When you purchase or rent content, it is your responsibility to review any additional terms of use provided to you. Such additional terms of use may set forth restrictions upon your window of time to initiate viewing of content and, once initiated, the duration of time you have to complete viewing such content. If no additional terms concerning timing and duration of viewing the content apply to your order, then the following general terms may apply: • If you rent content, you will typically have 30 days to initiate viewing. Once initiated, viewing must typically be completed within 24 hours or before the end of the 30th day from the date of initiation, whichever occurs sooner. • If you purchase content, you may view it for as long as you 

  •  Are capable of accessing the Vumicentral service, and
  • Maintain an active Vumicentral account. Vumicentral’s authority to provide content to you is subject to restrictions imposed by the movie studios and other distributors that make content available to Vumicentral(“content vendors”). These content providers may designate limited periods of time when Vumicentral is prohibited from renting, selling and/or streaming certain content to you, including content that you have previously purchased. You will be able to again rent, purchase and/or view such content at the conclusion of these restricted periods. If you have questions concerning the availability of content that you have ordered, please contact Vumicentral at support@Vumicentral.com


By using the Vumicentral service, you expressly authorize Vumicentral to charge any applicable rental, subscription or purchase fees and any other charges you or in connection with your use of the service, plus any applicable taxes, to the payment method you provided during registration (or to a different payment method if you change your account information). 

The fees and charges for selected content, applicable taxes and any other fees incurred will automatically be charged to your payment method in your Vumicentral account.. Fees are payable only in U.S. dollars. Vumicentral may change the fees and charges in effect or add new fees and charges, upon reasonable notice to you from time to time (which may include posting the changes or additions on the Apps or Website). There may be a temporary disruption of your access to the Vumicentral Service until Vumicentral can verify the validity of any new credit or debit card information. Pricing errors may occur on the Website and Apps. In the event of a pricing error, Vumicentral reserves the right to restrict your access to content, with no further obligations to you, even after your receipt of content or confirmation of content availability. 

Cancellation and Refunds: 

You may cancel your Vumicentral account at any time by contacting Vumicentral customer support at support@Vumicentral.com. Any remaining cash balance in your Vumicentral account will be refunded at that time. Any charges and fees paid for content are non-refundable. Any Vumicentral credits you may have accrued are non-refundable and non-transferable. content purchased on Vumicentral is non-transferable and will be deleted from your Vumicentral device(s) and your Vumicentral account upon cancellation of your Vumicentral account. Cancellation of your Vumicentral account will also terminate your access to content that you have purchased and/or rented. Once your account has been closed, you will not be able to reopen your Vumicentral account in the future. Additionally, in the event of a refund by Vumicentral(which Vumicentral may or may not grant in its sole discretion) for any reason other than termination or cancellation of your VumicentralAccount, Vumicentralwill terminate your access to any content for which a refund was provided. 

Content Restrictions: 

  • You understand and agree that the content is licensed by Vumicentral from content vendors. Copyrights in the content are owned by the content Providers and protected by the copyright laws of Kenya and United Kingdom, as well as other intellectual property laws and treaties. Except as expressly provided in these Terms of Service, no right, title or interest in the content is transferred to you. All content is licensed to you, and is not sold, transferred or assigned to you. Subject to your compliance with these Terms of Service, you have a limited right to access the content solely for your personal, non-commercial use and only on devices compatible with the Vumicentral services. You may not edit, modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, translate, create derivative works from, transfer, alter, adapt, sell, rent, lease or sublicense any content, or facilitate any of the foregoing. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you may not: 
  •  Show any content to any public audience or view it in a public location; 
  • Duplicate, reproduce, transfer, record or create copies of content or any portion thereof (luding, without limitation, by “burning,” P2P file-sharing, posting, uploading or downloading) onto any physical medium, memory or device except as permitted herein, luding, without limitation, CDs, DVDs, VCDs, portable media devices, computers or other hardware or any other medium now known or hereinafter devised. You may not attempt to circumvent, avoid, bypass, remove, deactivate, impair or otherwise defeat any encryption, rights signaling or copy protection technology in which the content is wrapped or otherwise associated. You may not decompile, copy, reproduce, reverse engineer, disassemble or otherwise reduce the computer file in which the content is stored to a human-readable format. Any unauthorized copying or other activities that infringe upon the intellectual property rights of the content Providers/owners of the content is prohibited, and you expressly agree to the automatic termination of the Vumicentral service if you engage in any infringing activities. Upon any such termination, the content will be deleted from your Vumicentral device(s). Except as specifically granted herein, all rights to the content are reserved by the owners of such content.